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Two Tier Board for India Inc…

March 23, 2016
On the face of it, Indian corporates of the listed space have duly constituted the SEBI-specified structures of corporate governance. They have also appointed independent directors in specified fashion to ensure independent functioning boards in their respective organisations. So, if compliance was the litmus test, everything about corporate governance in India should have been hunky dory. But, going by the spate of umpteen management mishaps, including the recent tremours in Infosys, it appears that there’s a lot left to be desired. Read full Article

Teach Entrepreneurship in Schools

March 23, 2016
In his second Independence Day speech Prime Minister Narendra Modi put his emphasis squarely on entrepreneurship and job creation through startups by launching a new campaign ‘Start up India, Stand up India’ and expected 1.25 branches of various banks to promote bank financing for startups by the underprivileged. The recent focus on startups emanates from the Nasscom Startup Report which revealed interesting statistics that should undoubtedly make us proud. Read full Article

Open door vs One window

January 19, 2015
There’s no doubt about the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ call is the most powerful campaign launched in the post-independence era. This is the first instance of an undeniably precise governmental initiative to elevate India to a privileged position of pride on the global map. It is reported that the Modi government is working hard to cut the lead time of business registration in India from 27 days to just one day! In fact by April 2015 over 200 state & central permits required by different industries are to be issued online. Read full Article

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