How to go to next-level from mid-level in a law firm

Sep 25, 2020

The journey from #lawschools to #internship is an exciting phase where #lawstudents are full of energy, enthusiasm and vigor; From Internship to #trainee #associates is a phase of discovery, anxiety and full of stress!! the phase from Associate to Mid-level Attorney is phase where you try to experiment, build confidence and also aspire to settle in long term. You swim with the tide! If you have done good in the initial phases settling down as a mid-level attorney is comparatively easier.

The real challenge is to go from Mid-level to Next-Level .. majority get stuck here for multiple reasons and at times because they fail to set the right goal. Mid-level not just in law firms but also as #inhousecounsel or #generalcounsel where going to next level is a big challenge!! Because there is no linear path for assured growth to next level.

I have been interacting with many law students/ associates/partners/law teachers/ senior professionals from many law firms across India, and would be sharing my perspective, experience, and ABSOLUTELY PRACTICAL TO DO LIST at #lawsikho!!