Maxell Foundation

MAXELL FOUNDATION is a non-profit making registered Charitable Trust formed to confer – Maharashtra Corporate Excellence Awards (Maxell). Maxell is a movement committed to recognize and reward the architects of change, those who dared to dream big and look beyond the horizon. Maxell Awards are aimed at creating awareness and inspiring Generation Next to translate their vision into reality, and transform their potential into performance.

Last two decades of Liberalization and its increasing integration with the global economy have made sea change in the way businesses are conducted in India. The transitions that are taking place as a result of globalization have made opportunities galore aplenty across all sectors and industry verticals including emerging service sector. Equally important is the emergence of Information Technology that has broken all geographical and trade barriers. Today Idea is capital! And knowledge is at the core of any business or profession. Entrepreneurship is no longer a monopoly of select few, and needs to be leveraged to the fullest by strong vision.

SMEs & MSMEs need to leverage on Information Technologies & communication Technologies to create new and niche customer base to expand their business.

Maharashtra has a rich legacy of business leaders in management and entrepreneurs from all walks of life that have made phenomenal breakthroughs with their ingenuity, innovation and integrity. Their success stories demonstrate sheer hard work, passion and conviction.

The new economy presents enormous business opportunities, and people of Maharashtra no longer wish to be left behind in the pursuit of excellence. The emergence of this positive attitude and spirit needs to be nurtured, encouraged and celebrated in the same breath.