India Power Talk

India Power Talk is a digital platform conducting a Webinar series for international leaders in various disciplines to share their insights, strategies and experience in areas like economics, environment and education.

We invite entrepreneurs, economists, professors, investment bankers, scientists, lawyers and chartered accountants – as well as people from diverse sectors who are in some form connected with India and wish to contribute – to join us and talk on these subjects. India Power Talk is in association with the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Indian Chamber of Commerce, LawSikho and India SME Accelerator Network.

Background and Objective

The COVID-19 is heavily impacting India’s economy. We are firmly convinced that an easily accessible digital source of diverse business knowledge can help build the resilience needed to revive the Indian economy. This benefits not only Indian entrepreneurs, but also international businesses, investors and strategic partners who are active in India or intend to invest in the country.