Nitin Potdar

Corporate Lawyer and M&A Partner at J. Sagar Associates

About Me

With over two decades of distinguished career, Nitin has garnered profound expertise in corporate growth strategies, specializing in Public & Private Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Joint Ventures & Foreign Collaborations, and Private Equity Deals. He crafts strategic India-entry solutions for multinational corporations across diverse sectors. He has been part of high-profile corporate takeover negotiations also successfully defended hostile bids. He has extensive experience of facilitating PE transactions, including leveraged buyouts and exits. He provides strategic counsel to family companies including succession planning.

Known for his solution-centric approach, Nitin excels in conflict resolution, achieving win-win outcomes while safeguarding core commercial interests. His transaction philosophy emphasizes lucid drafting, transparent negotiations, and unwavering work ethics.


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